Laumont Black Truffle Salt: How to use it?

Laumont Black Truffle Salt: How to use it?

The Product: What is the Truffled Salt?

Laumont's truffle salt is made using genuine Laumont black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), which is freeze-dried with salt. This dehydration process allows us to preserve the black truffle for longer. That way, you have a really useful ingredient in the kitchen all year round.

This also means that you can enjoy it out of season, and it makes a powerful flavour enhancer for countless dishes.

When to use black truffle salt

Truffle salt is mainly used as a seasoning or a way to add a finishing touch just before serving. It can be used to create truly unique flavour combinations to give a personal touch to your classic creations.

You can use truffle salt to season cold dishes, like salads or carpaccio, and hot dishes, like meats, pasta or rice. It can also be effective in meat dishes that contain a lot of fat.

Truffle Salt

Recipes and recommendations for truffled salt

We recommend using truffle salt as a finishing touch, in general, when the dish is still hot. However, you can also use it as an ingredient for making burgers or meatballs, for example. And for cold dishes, like salads, you can use it as a substitute for conventional salt.

Below, we’ve listed some examples of ways that you can apply truffle salt to your everyday meals to give them a truly unique and personal touch: 

Tomato salad with Iberian ham and truffle salt

Truffle salt combines perfectly with products that already have a strong umami flavour, like tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, cured cheeses etc. This makes it ideal for seasoning a salad.

The other great thing about truffle salt is that it allows you to add the taste of Tuber melanosporum to products normally available outside truffle season.

Recipe with truffle salt

Chips with home-made mayonnaise and truffle salt

You can also use truffle salt to add taste to more neutral foods that easily absorb the flavour of condiments, such as chips, pasta, rice, butter, etc.

Once you have finished frying your chips, simply sprinkle some truffle salt on top. And if you are making your own mayonnaise, why not add some truffle salt to the recipe?

Recipe with truffle salt

Artichoke chips

For those recipes that require a lot of salt, such as artichoke chips, truffle salt can add a truly unique taste. To make the chips, cut and peel the artichokes quickly to stop them oxidising. Then, lightly cover them with flavour and fry them in a pan with plenty of oil. Once fried, sprinkle plenty of truffle salt over them. They make a fantastic snack and work well as a side dish for your favourite meat or fish dish.

Recipe with truffle salt

Prawn carpaccio

With truffle salt, you can quickly and easily recreate the flavours of a fancy restaurant at home.

To finish off this prawn carpaccio, we have dressed it a good-quality olive oil and plenty of truffle salt.

Recipe with truffle salt

Potato gratin

Truffle salt has the power to turn modest products, like potatoes, into gourmet dishes. For those dishes that contain a lot of fat, truffle salt can be very effective during cooking and infuse the entire dish with the taste of Tuber melanosporum.

To make this traditional potato gratin, we have followed the classic recipe, but we have swapped normal salt for truffle salt.

Recipe with truffle salt

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