Truffle Slicer & Graters

Truffle Slicer & Graters

It is clear that truffles are a jewel in today's gastronomy, however, it is not an ingredient that we incorporate into our daily preparations. Truffles are one of the most sought-after foods in the world. And it’s no surprise. Their aroma and flavour are unique and arouse great passion. But do we really know how to prepare truffles?

Several gastronomy experts claim that truffles release their aromas when they are cold, while others say that low temperatures make them lose their texture, aroma and flavour. However, they have agreed that the best optimisation of this jewel is obtained by means of a good cut.

The best truffle cut is the sliced one

There are many ways in which we can present truffles, everything varies according to preferences and tastes in the gastronomic market: whole or chopped, coarsely or finely grated. They can even be diced, sliced, minced or even macerated in oil or brandy.

Whichever type of cut you choose, the characteristics of truffles will transform any dish into a delicate and exclusive delicacy. That said, there are those who recommend the slicing method.

You can probably find a truffle slicer (or truffle shaver) on the market that allows you to make a smooth cut. As with a ham, a truffle slicer is necessary to get a good cut.

Benefits of slicing truffles

Cooking by slicing is done by incorporating the sliced mushrooms in the final minutes of the preparation of the dish. In this way, the ultimate essence of the truffle is preserved to a greater extent and the whole dish is more fragrant.

According to haute cuisine experts, the value of the black truffle does not lie in its taste as such, which they describe as a mixture of damp earth, mushroom and wood. The magic lies in its aroma. It is this essence that will envelop the ingredients of each dish, giving them a special personality and differentiating them from any other. For this reason, it is considered that one of the best ways to treat truffles is by thinly and smoothly slicing them to release the greatest aromatic potential of this sought-after ingredient.

If you don't have a truffle slicer, don't worry, there are other options for extracting the aroma. One of them is to use a truffle grater, which can be a microplane grater. If you don't have such a utensil either, we have more suggestions for you.

Graduated slicing can also give good results in the truffle cutting process. The best way to achieve an ideal truffle cut is by using a truffle mandolin or a graduated slicer. In this way, we can obtain the desired thickness and even achieve fine and subtle cuts.

As a last resort, if you don't have a truffle slicer or truffle grater, you can use a sharp knife to test the sturdiness of your hand.

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