White Truffle Oil (250ml)

White Truffle Oil (250ml)

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  • Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
  • Flavour enhancer
  • Made by Laumont
  • Spanish produce

Product description

Extra virgin olive oil with white truffle (Tuber Magnatum) aroma is a chef's favourite. With just a few drops it enhances the flavours of dishes, instantly.

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the best ripe olives, with a smooth taste and fruity smell, selected by expert tasters, and it combines perfectly with the delicate aroma of the white truffle.

If you think the dish you cooked is missing something, add the white truffle oil and let it sit for a few moments. Pour it over pasta dishes, pizzas and risottos before serving, or use it to prepare deluxe sauces and spread it on juicy burgers or for dipping your chips in. Surprise your family and friends with a unique delicatessen ingredient at the table, or as a gift for discerning palates.

This white truffle oil is perfect if you want a delicate and soft fragrance of aroma without overpowering the dish. Remember that it's not used for cooking, but to give a finishing touch to dishes.

You can buy white truffle oil online and we'll deliver it to your door.

Cooking with the white truffle oil

Particularly good with sautéed mushrooms, fish and chicken. Just a drizzle at the end and you're done. You can also use this truffle oil to make sophisticated vinaigrettes, mayonnaise or luxurious mustards.

Product details


99.8% Extra virgin olive oil and 0.2% Tuber Magnatum white truffle aroma.

Shelf life and storage:

It has a long shelf life of 18 months.



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