How to use our boletus powder

How to use our boletus powder

About the product

Boletus powder is a product made from the authentic dehydrated boletus, without preservatives. Once we have selected the best mushrooms, we grind them until obtaining the flour, one of the best allies in the kitchen and available all year round. The main reason to dehydrate a mushroom is its preservation. By doing this, we manage to maintain its qualities, mainly the aroma and flavour. And boletus powder is a great solution for those cooks who want to make their star dishes with mushrooms out of season

How to use boletus powder

Boletus flour is a product with endless uses in the kitchen. Its main use is to season all the dishes that we want to have the taste of authentic fresh boletus. And the most common and recommended is to include the boletus flour when preparing our recipes. It can also be used to flavour oils and vinegars, and thus give a very original touch to our dressings.

As we have already mentioned, we recommend using the boletus powder while preparing our dishes. Here are several examples of how to use boletus powder in some everyday dishes, and how thanks to this great product we can prepare top recipes.

Recipes with our boletus powder

Boletus sauce

To prepare an authentic and delicious boletus sauce, we added a generous amount of boletus powder together with the onion, cream and veal stock and then brought the mixture to the boil. The boletus sauce is ready! And we can combine it perfectly with pasta.

Boletus sauce

Boletus béchamel sauce

We can make a delicious boletus béchamel sauce by simply adding the boletus flour to the mixture of milk, butter and flour. It is important that when the pan is boiling we stir it well so that it does not stick to the base, and we continue stirring until obtaining the desired texture. So you can enjoy some cannelloni with a special touch of boletus!

Boletus powder

Boletus burgers

To prepare a homemade hamburger you can use minced pork, crispy onion, an egg and the distinctive touch, our boletus flour. Then, mix all the ingredients with your hands until you get a smooth dough and you can shape the hamburger. The taste will surprise you!

Boletus burgers

Fresh pasta with boletus

Making the dough for fresh pasta is very easy, all we need is flour and an egg. And in our case we add a very special ingredient, the boletus powder. So, we prepare the fresh pasta with boletus. When we have the dough ready, we give the desired shape to the pasta. In our case we have prepared a pasta filled with meat, which will combine perfectly with the flavour of the boletus. Spectacular!

Fresh pasta with boletus

Boletus croquettes

To prepare delicious boletus croquettes with ham, we only have to add our boletus flour to the mixture of ham, chopped and cooked onion and béchamel. With these ingredients we make the dough for the croquettes, which will be the filling. Then, we shape them and coat them in breadcrumbs. We just need to fry them and enjoy!

Boletus croquettes
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