What is Black Truffle? The most coveted delicacy

What is Black Truffle? The most coveted delicacy

All the information about the black truffle

What is black truffle?

Its powerful aroma and intense flavor have made it the haute cuisine diamond.

Hidden underground like the great treasures, the black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum is one of the mushrooms most coveted by haute cuisine. Its powerful aroma and intense flavor has allowed it to rise to the category of exclusive gourmet product, deeply desired by the most demanding palates.

The black truffle has a very fine blackish skin with violet tones, while in its gleba or flesh you can see whitish veins near the skin and a violet black towards the center of it. Its harvest takes place from November to March mainly in the oak forests of the French region of Perigord, hence it is also known as Perigord truffle.

Due to its scarcity, the winter truffle is considered the black diamond of gastronomy. This mushroom, to which Egyptians, Greeks and Romans already surrendered, stands out for its intense aroma with spicy touches and the exquisiteness of its slightly bitter taste, providing unique characteristics to pasta dishes, salads, eggs, meats, etc.

What does black truffle taste like?

The black truffle does not admit any type of cooking and the best way to enjoy all its properties is to consume it fresh. The best way to guarantee the conservation of its properties is to wrap it in transparent film and make sure it does not breathe so that it does not lose its aroma. To use the truffle throughout the year it is recommended to freeze it. This way, when it's time to use it, only the desired amount can be taken, preventing the rest from being thawed.

Contrary to what it may seem for its high price, the winter truffle melanosporum is within reach of all pockets, since it does not require a large quantity to enjoy its exquisite flavor. A piece of about 25 grams will allow the diner to enjoy this so desired food.

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