How to use our black truffle juice

How to use our black truffle juice

About the product

The truffle juice is the extract of the fresh black truffle that we get from the first cooking, so it is a concentrated juice with all the aroma of the best truffles Tuber melanosportum that we select and choose to offer an exquisite product.

Black Truffle Juice

Recommendations about the truffle juice

We recommend its use to truffle stews and sauces, and it is also a great ally to give a special touch to our daily dishes, as well as to surprise on big occasions. Black truffle juice is a very versatile product that we can use in simpler dishes and in large casseroles.

How to use our black truffle juice

The black truffle juice is very interesting to use in hot recipes, and we add it when cooking the sauce or when the stew is simmering. This way we will be able to truffle our dishes and the aroma of the fresh black truffle will impregnate all the ingredients of the recipe.

With the juice of whole black truffle we can give a touch to an endless number of dishes, and it will go very well with truffle sauces and stews made with white and red meats.

Here are some of these recipes in which we recommend you to use the black truffle juice

Easy recipes with our black truffle juice

Roast beef cannelloni with truffled béchamel sauce

When we prepare the béchamel sauce we add the black truffle juice.

Black Truffle Juice

Spaghetti with truffled carbonara sauce

Add the juice when preparing the eggs for the sauce.

Black Truffle Juice

Gnocchi with vegetables and truffled tomatoes

Once the vegetables and tomato sauce are cooked, add the black truffle juice and cook for a few more minutes.

Black Truffle Juice
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